New York, USA : 1985

24 hour non stop performance/installation at Franklin Furnace Gallery, New York.

21-22 February 1985

MacLennan covered the floor of the gallery with flour – using an implement made of a broom, a spade and a rake to draw a snaking path around the space. He wore stockings over his head and taped up dolls hanging from his neck. On the floured floor lay various objects – dead fish, a sink, potatoes; a flashlight and car battery; MacLennan’s ‘death mask’ and a pig trotter resting on a wheelbarrow; a pair of old, propped up doors. The tape recordings that played in ‘If Underhand’ played here again, looping through the sounds of a child crying, an Irish lament, a helicopter, traffic, the ocean. The bands of flour led to a large ceramic cylinder, similar to a chimney in form.