Novoli, Italy : 1982

24 hour non stop performance and installation at Laboratorio di Poesia.

11-12 December 1982

Dressed in black with his head painted white, MacLennan made charcoal drawings on local newspapers. The performance ran from the 11th to the 12th of December, 6pm to 6pm, with the resultant installation of drawings viewable to the public from 6pm to 8pm from the 11th to the 18th of December.

‘Working in a sunken section of the poet’s [Enzo Miglietta] living room, in which family life went on normally, as if MacLennan’s performance was a normal activity, he produced many drawings echoing the form of numerous arches in the space. All the drawings made during the 24 hour performance were hung on all walls from ceiling to floor.’

Text from ‘Alastair MacLennan: Is No’, ed. Stephen Snoddy, 1988.