Belfast, Northern Ireland : 1976

3 hour performance in front courtyard of the Art and Design Centre, York Street, Belfast.

October 1976

‘For three hours MacLennan stood motionless under the fishing net which stretched over to a chair with a heap of objects on the ground between the standing man and the chair. A net indicates with some ease an obvious connection to “being trapped”. This was supported by visual means: motionless man full inside the net. Having placed both the figure and the chair inside a tunnel-like shape, into which the net formed itself quite naturally, MacLennan made a clear statement on the two belonging to one another.

The specific character of that belonging was not signified, beyond the obvious point, that both were there. The two were both protected from the outside (by the net) and trapped in it. They – by occupying the same boundaries belonged somehow to one another, but, by being stationary, could not bridge the distance between themselves.’

Text from ‘Alastair MacLennan: Is No’, ed. Stephen Snoddy, 1988.