Glasgow, Scotland : 1996

Actuation and installation commissioned for the National Review of Live Art at the Arches, Glasgow.

30 October – 3 November 1996

“[…] It may have been the architecture of the Arches themselves that gave rise to the sense of an underlying theme of lines of violence, tragedy and its aftermath. The shadow of a gunman seemed to creep from under the black entrance curtain of Alastair MacLennan’s commissioned installation MAEL, commemorating ten years of violence. The constant soundtrack was a list of names which caused an occasional shiver of recognition as a name passed by that perhaps had held the headlines for a day. Skeletal wrecks of burnt out cars filled the arch as bare light bulbs faded to an ominous glow and, in the shadows, a balaclavad figure stood silently holding a pair of child’s white sandals hanging from their straps. […]” 
Geraldine Pilgrim from Live Art Magazine Dec 96/Feb 97, Issue No 13 on The National Review Of Live Art Glasgow, 24th Oct-3rd Nov 1996.

Actuation : 30th October 1996 3:00 PM – 10:00 PM (7 hours non-stop)

Installation : 31st October 1996 – 3rd November 1996