Channel 4 : 1990

Interventionist TV work for Fields and Frames’ Televison Interventions.

April 1990

This work was originally broadcast by Channel 4 TV, and was shown in 2009 as part of Running Time: Artist Films in Scotland 1960 to Now at Dean Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Television Interventions was a further attempt to produce and broadcast work by artists without the need for mediation or explanation by the broadcaster itself. As an event with the context of Glasgow’s 1990 Year of Culture it has also a flavour of celebration, evident in many of the individual works. Artists from all over Europe were invited to submit a proposal for a four-minute television ‘intervention’. Eventually thirteen were chosen and made between September 1989 and April 1990 […] The works were broadcast in April 1990, in the ‘cracks and crevices’ of Channel 4’s schedule.”

“Alastair MacLennan’s “Hit” has a reflexivity in that its reference is television as a machine for producing visual illusions. The represented screen (identified as our screen) is smashed and hands come in from either side to tinker with its revealed insides.”

Text taken from the Fields and Frames ‘Television Interventions’ Touring Programme, available through the Rewind artists’ video archive.